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Alice Sommer has left this world at the impressive age of 110 years and 3 months. Christopher Nupen, who gave the address at her funeral talks about his relationship with her spanning 28 years. More >

Everything Is A Present

Everything Is A Present is the film which Alice enjoyed most in the whole world. She said, "I have never seen this done before." She predicted it would win prizes and she turned out to be right. It has so far won four.

Watch an excerpt from our film with Alice - Everything Is A Present

We Want The Light

Another multi-prize-winning film with Alice, about the importance of music to people, even in the direst of circumstances, or particularly in the direst of circumstances. Alice played more than 100 concerts in a Nazi concentration camp and said that the music gave both performers and listeners a sense of being close to the divine. She attributed both her survival and her longevity to the influence of music.

Watch an excerpt from 'We Want The Light'