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Virtuoso Violinist (I know I Played Every Note)

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tzhak Perlman fell in love with the sounds of the violin at the age of three and a half but contracted polio a few months later and was soon to learn that it would be impossible, with his handicap, to pursue a high-level career as a violinist. Not only has he succeeded in doing what the world thought quite impossible but he has done it on a level that few have matched.

A true Christopher Nupen combination of portrait and performance films, this DVD focuses on the great violinist and international star Itzhak Perlman. It is a compelling look at the formative years of one of the most extraordinary musical careers of our time and the triumph of character, talent and tenacity over seemingly insurmountable odds: a must for every classical music fan.

He has become a much admired international star, not only as a violinist but as a teacher, guide and friend to many young people over many years. He is also a much loved TV personality, an honoured guest at the White House and a very effective spokesman for the disabled. And while doing all of that, he and his wife Toby have built a large and loving family around them.

To quote Christopher Nupen:

If ever there was a story of character and determination triumphing over serious adversity, and producing glorious results along the way, it is the story of Itzhak and Toby Perlman.
Christopher Nupen

As well as the much admired portrait film, Itzhak Perlman: Virtuoso Violinist (I know I played every note), this DVD includes memorable performances from Perlman of two Partitas by JS Bach – the Partita in E major, BWV 1006 and in D minor, BWV 1004 which ends with the great Chaconne, shot live at a BBC concert in St John’s Smith Square, London in 1977.

The DVD also contains a montage of sequences from past Allegro films and a sequence in which Perlman talks about The Trout film with particular reference to the contribution of Jacqueline du Pré. It also includes “Jacqueline du Pré Remembered”, made specially for this DVD using a recently recorded interview with Perlman. It is a tribute to a fellow artist from someone who knew her extremely well and has a deep-seeing and enduring affection for her.


  • Itzhak Perlman: Virtuoso Violinist (I Know I Played Every Note)
  • The Trout Remembered
  • Jacqueline du Pré Remembered
  • JS Bach: E major Partita, BWV 1006
  • JS Bach: D minor Partita, BWV 1004
  • Introductions by Christopher Nupen
  • Allegro Molto Compilation